National Monetisation Pipeline - Rail-road-airport Will Not Sell, Government Will Offer On 'rent', Will Earn 6 Lakh Crores_Pic Credit Google

National Monetisation Pipeline – Rail-road-airport Will Not Sell, Government Will Offer On ‘rent’, Will Earn 6 Lakh Crores

National Monetisation Pipeline – Rail-road-airport Will Not Sell, Government Will Offer On ‘rent’, Will Earn 6 Lakh Crores – On Monday, when minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman launched the National Monetization Pipeline program, the foremost discussed was the quantity of 6,00,000 crores that the govt goes to urge through this scheme. After all, what’s the Narendra Modi government getting to do in order that the govt goes to urge such an enormous amount. As claimed by minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman, from this program, the govt will earn Rs 6 lakh crore in 4 years i.e. by 2025.

National Monetisation Pipeline – Rail-road-airport Will Not Sell, Government Will Offer On ‘rent’, Will Earn 6 Lakh Crores

The central government was selling loss-making public companies, you’d have already got this information. But the govt will now give basic sector projects like rail, road, airport, gas pipeline, stadium, electricity, warehouse to big players within the private sector for a few time to earn their money and reciprocally will charge a hefty ‘rent’ from them. . In common parlance, you’ll say that the govt will ‘rent out’ these big projects.

Keep in mind that consistent with the central government, the ownership of those projects won’t be transferred to non-public companies during this entire process. After a couple of years, the central government will again take over the responsibility of running these projects. How long this point are going to be will choose the agreement between the middle and therefore the private companies. allow us to now know this program intimately .

What is National monetization pipeline

When minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman was presenting the allow the year 2021-22, she had discussed the National Monetization Pipeline. Then the minister of finance had said that monetization of public sector ie government assets would be the most thanks to juggle the value of huge infrastructure. allow us to tell you that monetization simply means monetization i.e. earning money, making money. That is, the govt will earn money from government assets to satisfy the expenses of massive projects.

Now the question arises that how will the govt earn money? Which government assets will you create money from? Under the National Monetisation Pipeline, assets of eight ministries are often shared with private companies or are often given on rent. Sharing means any project are going to be developed and run jointly by the govt and personal company, while letting out means the whole project are going to be given to the private company and therefore the government will take money from these companies reciprocally .

The government has identified the projects which the govt wants to offer or share to non-public companies.

What is Asset Monetization?

Asset monetization means finding avenues for brand spanking new sources of revenue or income from those public sector assets which haven’t yet been fully exploited. Since the govt is facing a shortage of capital, the govt wants private companies to take a position money. allow us to tell you that a lot of government companies are battling poor project management, lack of capital, technical inefficiency. the govt feels from somewhere that these companies will inherit private hands and alter their appearance and can not convince be a burden for the govt this may not only make proper use of state resources lying idle for years, but the govt also will benefit.

In which sectors there’ll be asset monetization

The Central Government had given the task of preparing a report back to NITI Aayog for Asset Monetization. NITI Aayog, in consultation with the infrastructure ministries, has prepared an inventory of properties where there’s an opportunity of asset monetization. These are sectors. Railways, Road Transport and Highways, Shipping, Telecom, Power, Civil Aviation, Petroleum and gas , Youth Affairs and Sports.

The assets which the govt is getting to monetize are called brownfield assets. These are assets that aren’t being fully utilized. But where government capital has already been invested. But thanks to many reasons it’s not getting used enough. the govt is making a monetization plan for similar properties.

National Monetisation Pipeline – Rail-road-airport Will Not Sell, Government Will Offer On ‘rent’, Will Earn 6 Lakh Crores

How much money will come from where


Railways and highways are getting to play an enormous role within the asset monetization of the govt consistent with PTI, the govt goes to monetize the station, track, train , Konkan Railway from the rail sector. With this, the govt will get 1.52 lakh crore in four years. the govt will include 400 railway stations, 90 passenger trains, 1400 km of railway track, 741 km of Konkan Railway, 15 railway stadiums, 265 railway godowns within the next four years.


With the monetization of roads, the vault of the middle are going to be filled the foremost within the next four years, the middle will get 1.60 lakh crore from the monetization of roads. For this, the middle will monetize 26,700 km of existing roads and new roads to be built.


The central government is monetizing 28,608 circuit kilometers of power transmission, that is, it’s getting to give to a personal company. With this, the govt will get a revenue of about Rs 45,200 crore, while the govt will get Rs 39,832 crore from monetization of assets that generate 6 GW of electricity.

Telecom sector

The government of the country goes to monetize 2.86 km of Bharat Net fiber. Whereas the govt will give 14917 towers of BSNL and MTNL to non-public companies. the govt will get Rs 35100 crore from this.

Coal mines and warehouses

According to PTI, within the next four years, the govt will get Rs 29000 crore from the monetization of godowns and coal mines, that is, giving them to non-public companies.

Gas pipeline

The government goes to offer 8154 km of gas pipeline to non-public companies. thanks to this, the govt will get Rs 24 thousand 462 crore.

There will be an income of Rs. 22,504 crore to the govt from the monetization of 3930 km of producer pipeline.


The government goes to offer 25 airports of Airport Authority of India to non-public companies. These include Chennai, Bhopal, Varanasi and Vadodara. thanks to this the govt goes to urge Rs 20782. While the govt will get Rs 12828 crore from the monetization of ports.


The central government is additionally getting to fork over the Nehru Stadium in Delhi, the stadium in Bangalore and Zirakpur to non-public hands. With this, the govt will get Rs 11450 crore.

Residential colonies

The government will redevelop seven colonies of Delhi. Of these, Sarojini Nagar, Narouji Nagar are included. aside from this, the govt will construct residential and commercial houses on 240 acres of land in Ghitorni, Delhi. With this, the govt will have an income of Rs 15000 crore.

‘Government isn’t selling anything’

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that folks shouldn’t have the illusion that the govt is selling something. The ownership of of these companies will remain within the hands of the govt and personal companies will compulsorily fork over these assets back to the govt after a couple of years.

The minister of finance assured the country that the most goal of this scheme is to assist in creating infrastructure through monetization. Through this process, the citizens of the country will get socio-economic development and that they will get quality life.

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