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Annual Report


He said that the worldwide program Google has announced an investment of Rs 33737 crore within the Jio platform. In return, Google will get a 7.7 percent stake within the Jio platform. the corporate is that the 14th global company to take a position in Google Jio.

Annual Report

(1) Preparation to form cheap 4G / 5G smartphone – He told that he will make 4G-5G smartphone with Google. These smartphones are going to be supported the Android OS . Mukesh Ambani said that till now quite 10 crore live phones are sold. But still feature phone users are expecting the smartphone to return to them.

Mukesh Ambani said, we believe that we will make entry level 4G and 5G smartphones. We believe that we will design a phone which will cost much but a traditional smartphone. Google and Jio together will create a worth engineered Android based smartphone OS .

(2) a replacement Jio TV + has also been announced. The new Jio TV + will have all the OTT channels like Netflix, Amazon, Prime Video, Hotstar. It doesn’t need separate ID secret phrase for login. With Jio TV + you’ll watch anything on any OTT with only one click. JioGlass has been launched in AGM. the load of this glass is merely 75 grams. it’ll be connected to a cable. There are currently 25 apps during this glass, during which many other apps are often added further.

(3) Google will purchase stake in Jio – He said that Google will purchase 7.7 percent stake in Jio stages for Rs 33,737 crore. Mukesh Ambani said that RIL has become the primary company with 150 billion dollars. The organization’s Abtida has become 1 lakh crore. EBITDA growth within the consumer business has been 49 per cent.

(4) Jio prepared with top notch 5G arrangement – Reliance Industry Chairman Mukesh Ambani invited financial backers. Chairman Mukesh Ambani said that Jio has created a 5G solution, which can provide world class 5G service in India. it had been also told that the trial will begin with the supply of spectrum.

(5) Mukesh Ambani, the very best GST and VAT paying company, said that RIL is that the highest GST and VAT paying company within the country. it’s about 69372 crores in value. At an equivalent time, RIL filed quite 8 thousand crore tax last time.

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